Praxis für regenerative Kryotherapie Sergej Dorochov, Viersen
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Sergej Dorochov,
born in 1955
Education / professional career
1972 - 1978   Study of medicine in Russia: paediatrician, otolaryngologist
1978 - 1994   Medical doctor in Russia
 since 1995   Alternative medical practioner (therapist) in Germany
My patents
russian patent
"Treatment for snoring by means of regenerative
german patent
"Device for sectional tightening and revitalization
of the human mucosa in nose and throat"
Treatment of diseases / complaints in my practice
Treatment of adults and children

pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)    snoring
pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)    chronic tonsillitis
pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)    chronic pharyngitis
pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)    chronic rhinitis (sniffles)
      and subsequent diseases resulting from the above
pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)    warts, papillomas

Co-operation with my patients
Detailed information about important correlations betweeen infections of
throat and nose and subsequent diseases resulting from the above, e.g.
snoring, rheumatism, arthritis, bronchial diseases
(asthma), skin diseases (psoriasis, erythema, neurodermatitis) etc.

The exchange of information about these interrelations is of great
importance, as the chronic infections often take a symptomless course and the
patients possibly do not notice them for a long period of time.

pfeil.jpg (634 Byte)  Instructions in consistent hygiene and care of throat and nose mucosa..

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